Our Story

A half-century ago, Bill and Judy Moran fell in love with the Alstead, New Hampshire, location that now encompasses Moran Estates, and purchased the property from the longtime local Pratt Family. Entranced by the land, and mindful of the environment, the Morans, alongside their two sons Trevor and Todd, spent decades enhancing and adorning the grounds together.

Meticulously planning, planting and pouring their respect and love into the landscape as a way to honor their union and enjoy their time together, Bill and Judy also invited extended family members and friends in the community to experience the magic of caring for the land, as a way of crafting lasting relationships with nature and with one another.

Creating a legacy of genuine appreciation for the beauty and wonder of their home, and the desire to share that reverent sense of place with others, the family warmly welcomes you to Moran Estates.

The Cottage

Experience the natural beauty and restorative reverence of Moran Estates, a lovingly tended family-owned New Hampshire property perfectly suited to celebration, contemplation, time-honored traditions and extraordinary events.


  • stealing a kiss
  • elegant design
  • a quiet moment
  • a place for celebration
  • the perfect arrangement
  • a kiss to remember
  • pastoral solitude
  • new life together
  • enjoying nature's tranquility

Photographs by K. Lenox Photography